Nursing Leadership Academies

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Nursing Leadership Academies

Currently no nursing leadership academy exists to specifically develop leadership skills of nursing professionals providing care for children aged 0 to 18. In March 2017, we launched a needs assessment survey to explore the preference for a pediatric-focused academy and gauge awareness of existing academies. More than 1,500 RNs and PNPs responded, and 75% were interested in a future pediatric nursing leadership academy. Opportunities to collaborate on the development of a pediatric academy will be explored in the future.


Looking to develop or strengthen your leadership skills in the near future? See the below currently available respected programs to explore in-depth opportunities in a variety of formats.

Nursing Leadership Academies are typically defined by the following:

  • Build upon individual nursing leadership skills, last approximately 12 months and have a wide range of cost
  • Require projects, face-to-face workshops and distance-based learning activities
  • Target eligibility requirements to specific roles
  • Offer leadership academy faculty who are subject matter experts in the profession


Costs and descriptions below are current as of 11/1/2017, but please see the program's website for more up-to-date information, including application timelines.


Sigma Theta Tau International-Johnson & Johnson Maternal Child Health Nurse Leadership Academy (MCHNLA)
18-month mentored program with two 3-day workshops to prepare maternal-child health nurses and nurse midwives for effective interprofessional team leadership to improve quality of healthcare for underserved childbearing women and children up to age 5; interdisciplinary team project ($625; some J&J assistance with costs).

Sigma Theta Tau International-Elsevier Foundation Nurse Faculty Academy (NFLA)
20-month mentored program with two 4-day workshops for aspiring leaders in nursing education (>2 years, < 7 years, full-time, non-tenured faculty) to facilitate personal leadership development, foster career success, promote nurse faculty retention and satisfaction, and cultivate high performing, supportive work environments in academia (costs include travel to workshops and the convention, most meals, with Elsevier Foundation covering some associated costs).

Duke University-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Academy
12-month program with monthly distance-based learning activities and experienced coaches for nurse practitioners and midwives, especially those practicing in underserved community settings, to gain professional development needed to position themselves as key stakeholders in leading the evolution of U.S. health care ($1,315 plus travel).

Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA) Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy (NALA)
1.5-day conference for newly elected or emerging volunteer leaders to provide governance leadership in Alliance member organizations such as NAPNAP or SPN ($350-400 plus travel).

Rutgers University-Johnson & Johnson School Health Leadership Program
2-year team-based program including 6-day summer residential Leadership Institute to empower school nurses and their community/administrative partners to become leaders within their community’s educational and health services teams to improve student health practices; community initiative presented at a conference (no costs other than travel).

Johns Hopkins Nursing Leadership Academy
4-day program for nursing leaders, particularly nurse managers, assistant directors, assistant nurse managers and those aspiring to leadership positions to gain knowledge and skills to lead in the turbulent healthcare environment of today through self-assessment and interactive work sessions built around realistic work situations ($1,795).

National League for Nursing (NLN) Leadership Institute
3 full-year programs with varying activities per program. 1) LEAD: For nurses in both education and practice experiencing rapid transition into leadership positions or who aspire to lead. 2) Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators. 3) Executive Leadership in Nursing Education and Practice ($3,500 for members).

American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s Leadership for Academic Nursing Program (LANP)
5-day seminar for new and aspiring deans; includes focused assessment activities, mentorship facilitation, and follow-up with seminar faculty ($3,195).

Clinical Scholars
3-year program (7 in-person sessions reinforced with distance learning) for health care providers (includes nurses) from diverse fields who collaborate across sectors, tackling complex health problems in their communities, and building a culture of health nationwide; offered by the University of North Carolina with support from RWJF; includes an annual fellowship of $35,000 per fellow to design and implement a real-world project.

Culture of Health Leaders
3-year program for honing high-level leadership skills through professional coaching, networking, and advanced leadership curriculum. Participants receive top-tier professional coaching from national leaders in change management, health equity, and social innovation. Application deadline of February 19 (annual stipend: $20,000 for three consecutive years).

Health Policy Research Scholars
For up to 4 years (or until doctoral program is completed), participants take part in policy and leadership development trainings and coursework via webinars and other virtual learning technology. They also receive training in health policy translation, dissemination, communication, health equity, and population health. Application deadline of March 11 (annual stipend: $30,000 for up to four years). 

Interdisciplinary Research Leaders
3-year program for enhancing high-level leadership skills through networking, an advanced curriculum, and mentorship from national experts in research, community action, health equity, public policy, and advocacy. Participants advance a team research project with support from national program advisers. Application deadline of March 11 (annual support: $25,000 per person and a one-time research grant of up to $125,000 per team). 

Wharton Nursing Leaders Program
5-day program for higher-level nurse managers preparing for chief nursing officer roles; offered by the University of Pennsylvania, co-provided by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing ($6,000 including lodging and meals).

Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Leadership Academy
12-month mentored program preparing NPD practitioners to assume leadership roles; offered by the Association for Nursing Professional Development with live face-to-face pre-convention workshop followed by live webinars to facilitate completion of a work-based leadership project ($2,500).

Harvard Medical School Pediatric Leadership Program (PLP)
One year certificate program designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health care leaders engaged in pediatric medicine; offers a combination of on-demand lectures, live webinars and in-person workshops with emphasis on quality and safety, leadership, global health, simulation, technology and medical humanities. Application deadline of June 16 ($14,900).