Diversity in Nursing Resources

Learn about and support diversity in nursing

Learn about and Support Diversity in Nursing 

Below are a variety of resources and organizations supporting a more diverse nursing workforce in the United States. If you have a resource for the IPN to consider adding to this webpage, please contact ipn@ipedsnursing.org






Campaigns to Increase Awareness

National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Hispanic Nurses Campaign

  • Learn about classes you need to become a registered nurse, read about role models, and learn from videos and recordings. 

American Indian Nurses: Essence of Healing

  • Free online course on nursing careers for students in grades 6-12. Videos, activities, quizzes, forums, and journaling resources are offered at no cost for teacher access. Through information and perspectives shared by American Indian nurses, this course offers encourages American Indian students to consider nursing for their future. 

American Association for Men in Nursing: Engage the FutuRN 

  • Engage the FutuRN encourages AAMN members to be a resource for high school students (and other young students) exploring careers. This program will attempt to start the conversation at a pivotal point in young students’ lives by exposing them to nursing as a potential career and outlining the necessary steps to become a registered nurse.

Mentoring Programs 

Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program

  • This program is committed to promoting and advancing diversity initiatives to mentor critical care nurses who want to successfully matriculate into graduate nurse anesthesia programs. They mentor diverse RNs to increase the nurse anesthesia racial and ethnic representation of the 52,000 members of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists by more than 10 percent. 

National Black Nurses Association Collaborative Mentorship Program 

  • The NBNA collaborative mentorship program helps NBNA nurses/student nurses at various levels of their development:  as new nurses/student nurses, nurses transitioning into new nursing roles, and nurses advancing into leadership roles.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Hispanic Mentors Connection

  • The Hispanic Mentors Connection offers an online place to find a compatible mentor who can help guide individuals towards meeting their nursing career goals.