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Be a superhero for the specialty: access free Campaign for Pediatric Nursing posters and more

Pediatric Nursing Gear

Our free Campaign for Pediatric Nursing materials are perfect for undergraduate nursing students, faculty, and anyone in a position to encourage nursing careers in the specialty, like pediatric and school nurses, preceptors, high school counselors, or science and vocational teachers. Community groups and troop leaders too! 

Be sure to check out the all Kick-Start Your Pediatric Nursing Career resources. Thank you for being a part of the Campaign for Pediatric Nursing! Share your success stories and any feedback with


Promotional Posters

Download these materials to promote pediatric nursing or show you're choosing pediatrics. School nurse posters are now available! Downloads are available in 8.5 x 11 inches. 

Posters from IPN

For pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) posters and talking points, download flyers here

PNP Materials from IPN


"Amazing" Flyers

Let students know they would be amazing pediatric nurses in the future! Download the full collection of our 8.5 x 11 inch flyers. Post them in hallways, school nurse clinics, waiting rooms, and any place children and teens are! Includes 12 flyers. 

Specific Health/Condition Themes

These downloadable flyers spotlight children with special health care needs or who represent underserved populations. Oncology, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy are included. 

The Med-Surg Myth

It’s an old myth... Some people say you should work adult med-surg before going into pediatrics.

That’s just not true. If pediatrics is your calling, start there, because you can’t just shrink adult nursing knowledge down to kid-sized. You know children aren’t little adults. And you’ll be happier starting out where your heart belongs.


I need a pediatric nurse in my corner. If you become a nurse in a school, primary care office, clinic, or hospital, I’ll be there too. 

You can be my advocate. You can provide nursing care that’s sensitive to what I’m going through. Risky behavior. Being bullied. Rocky times at home. And just being a normal teen. Ask me the tough questions when we talk and make a difference for my today... and my future. Be my lifeline. Be a pediatric nurse.

School Nurse Flyers

Most children and teens will see school nurses more than any other type of nurse during their entire childhood. Use these downloads to promote the school nurse career. Includes 6 flyers. 

Family-Centered Care Flyers

A pediatric nurse doesn’t just take care of children. When you choose pediatric nursing, the care and education you give impacts entire families. You’ll help caregivers support a healthy life, learn about developmental stages, and understand treatments when a child is sick. Includes 6 flyers. 

Teen Themes

Teens need access to pediatric nurses! Display these flyers picturing teens or that highlight teen-specific issues. Includes 4 flyers. 

Men in Nursing 

Encourage men and boys to choose pediatric nursing. Download and display these 2 flyers.