Learning Activities for RN Students

March 17, 2020

As you look for pediatric-related activities to support distance learning for undergraduate RN students, consider these resources.


1. The National League for Nursing (NLN) provides classroom-ready curricula for vulnerable populations, including pediatrics. Unfolding cases and teaching strategies are offered free of charge and consist of high quality audio files supported by objectives, learner pre-work, suggested learning activities, and further reading.

Content Areas related to Pediatric Nursing include:

•     Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide in the Adolescent Population

•     Children with Chronic Conditions: Impact on Families

•     Nutrition Education Program

•     Oral Health in Childhood

•     Social Determinants of Health: Assessment of Mia and Her Family

•     Social Determinants of Health: Identifying Risks and Protective Factors for Children and Families

•     Unintentional Injury Prevention in the Pediatric Population – Risk Identification and Education


2. Elsevier offers a multitude of educator resources. In response to the current health threat, Elsevier has created an online Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center for Nursing and Health Education, which provides information to assist with delivering courses virtually. The company encourages educators to reach out to local Elsevier Education Solutions Consultants to discuss ways to help you adapt your class and clinical experiences during this time.


3. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) offers peer-reviewed teaching strategies free of cost. These resources are submitted by health professionals and reviewed by QSEN. Multiple formats are provided including unfolding case studies, simulations, and clinical tools.


4. Resources for purchase include pediatric clinical reasoning case studies available from Keith RN. These case studies focus on teaching clinical reasoning skills, based on the practice recommendations of Patricia Benner, lead author of Educating Nurses. The website also offers some free student videos and handouts.